jason goodlad photography

Sports Photography Training

Whether you are an amateur wanting to learn how to take better pictures, or a professional wanting to sell your action shots, we will teach you the techniques we have used to capture sharp sporting images, indoor and outdoors.

We can explain equipment, cameras, lenses, camera settings, lighting, flash and an array of techniques.

With experience of shooting many sports, we can teach you how to capture the decisive moment and adapt to changing conditions, we will show you¾how to freeze motion and how to create background blur to show movement.

Training can be at a live event, one to one or a small group, photos will reviewed and edited on the day, and can be tailored to any sport of your choice.

We can teach you;

  • Camera settings
  • Different techniques for sports photography
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Composition
  • Using flash for sports photography
  • Chosing lenses
  • Creating motion blur
" Jason's experience really helped me to understand my camera so much better. The techniques he taught me have made a vast improvement to my action shots."

Tanya P.