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Sports Photography

Jason Goodlad Sheffield Sports Photography - Capturing Your Most Precious Moments as They Happen

Sports Photography Coverage

We cover most sports, including bike and car racing, martial arts and boxing; football, rugby and many others, as well as car experience days, charity races and more.

Having worked for Sports UK for several years, we have the necessary expertise and equipment to produce outstanding photographs even when working in poor indoor lighting conditions and in all outdoor weather conditions.

Our premium quality equipment means we can keep up with the pace of any sport and produce sharp, stunning images of all the action.

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Onsite Sports Photography Printing

Offering several viewing stations, we print our photographs on site, with a good selection of print sizes available on the day. For outside events, we bring along a spacious, large gazebo with numerous screens and multiple printers, as well as our own generator.

Our range of avant-garde software options enables our sales staff to create magical photos of your event. This includes creating multiple photo montages complete with your team logo and/or any text you would like us to add.

Presentation Evenings

Naturally, we can also capture those proud moments at your presentation evening. Taking photographs of you and/or your team with your trophies against our backdrop, we can also take portraits of families, including mums and dads, brothers and sisters, etc. Using state-of-the-art printers, we again offer a range of different size prints on the night.

Sports Photography Montages

Offering a regularly updated selection of backgrounds, we can create stunning montages of your photographs within seconds. Options include addition of your team logo and/or any writing/text you desire. Combining multiple photographs with your desired text/logo, our montages are impressive keepsakes of your sporting event/presentation evening and highly popular among our customers.

Learn More

For more detailed information and/or book our team for your sporting event, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail at: jasongoodlad@yahoo.com or by calling us on: 07971 597 566 now.

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Reportage Style Photos

Jason Goodlad Sports Photography Sheffield Reportage Style Photos - Roaming Photographers Capturing Your Sport, Crowd Reactions and Other Magical Moments

Capturing Magical Moments

Sports photography is not just about the action on the field, track or in the ring, it is also about the crowd's reactions to whatever is happening; reactions of coaches, relatives and friends of winning participants/teams and other magical moments during events.

Capturing those moments is as important as it is to get sharp images of the actual action and trophy presentations. This is where our reportage style photos come into play.

Jason Goodlad Reportage Style Photos

Our roaming photographer will not only capture the action of your sport, but will scan for and capture crowd reactions; funny (or not so funny) 'side action' (i.e. animals or even streakers disrupting play; coaches trying to get players' attention from the side-lines, and so on); player, coach and family celebrations, etc.

We will then provide you with these reportage style photos on a memory stick and upload to social media to help you promote your sport and/or club. To make sure you get your message out there, we can also add any desired branding and/or logos to these photos.

Sheffield Sports Reportage Style Photos

Covering most indoor and outdoor sports, as well as presentation evenings and more, we are based in Sheffield, but are also available for events nationwide.

Contact Us

Call us on: 07971 597 566 or drop us an e-mail at: jasongoodlad@yahoo.com to learn more about our reportage style photos/sports photography and other services and/or book our team to cover your event.

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