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Equestrian Photography - Stable Visits

Jason Goodlad Equestrian Photography - Stable Visits Make for Truly Special, Unusual Equine Portraits

As specialists in equestrian photography, we know exactly what kind of shot you like - and stable visits allow us to take precisely the right type of pictures of you and your horse.

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Equestrian Photography - Stable Visits

If you are with a group of friends or there are several people on a yard, we can take you to a wooded area or field, allocate time slots to everyone and then take portraits of you and your horses. Using our knowledge, experience and different types of lighting, we can create a wonderful selection of unusual, truly special shots, including jumping and/or running shots of you and your horses or your horses alone.

Stable Visits - Onsite Printing

Bringing along our own power supply (we are fully PAT tested & insured) and printers, we can then create prints of different sizes; keyrings and montages at the end of the shoot. Riders will also be able to get all their photographs on a USB stick to take home, upload and share on their social media pages.

What makes stable visits even more special is the fact that, as there is a larger number of people involved, the price for photo shoots at stable visits is less per person than it would be for individual, single portrait sessions.

Montages of Stable Visits

Featuring up to five photos on a single print, our incredibly popular montages can be personalised with different background designs, as well as stable and riders' names. Printed on the day, these montages make fantastic mementos of stable visits with friends, for example.

Areas Covered

Based in Sheffield, we cover the whole of the UK and are available for photo shoots of stable visits nationwide.

More Information

Get more detailed information and/or book our team for your stable visit by contacting us via e-mail: jasongoodlad@yahoo.com or by calling us on: 07971 597 566 now.

Equestrian Photography - Equine Portraits

Jason Goodlad Equine Portraits - Capturing the Connection Between You and Your Horse to Perfection

The connection between a rider and his/her horse is very special indeed. Being fully aware of this, we make capturing this connection between you and your horse our priority when creating equine portraits.

We also know that every horse has its very own, unique character and understand the need for patience in order to get the right shots, so we come fully prepared to take our time.

Taking your equine portraits at any location of your choice (at your stable, in a woodland area or in a corn/poppy field, for example) and during any season of the year, we also make it possible for you to choose the type of clothing you wish to wear for the shoot.

You may, for instance, want a few shots in casual outfits and then change into more formal wear, like a suit or - if you are looking for a more glamorous look - an evening gown, for example. You may also want to try something different and go for a vintage look or wear a wedding dress.

Whatever your choices, you can also change outfits during the shoot to get a selection of different beautiful equine portraits.

In addition to portrait shots of you and your horse, we can also take ‘action shots’ of you and your horse and/or shots of your horse on its own.

Using portable studio lights, we can create dark, moody backgrounds and even take shots of your horse running and jumping against a darkened background.

Equine Portraits - Your Images

Your images are then placed onto a USB data stick for you to take home and enjoy, upload to and share on your social media pages. If required, we can later also create wall prints for you.

Areas Covered

We are based in Sheffield and cover all areas across the UK.

Call Us

To get more information on our services and/or book a photo shoot, please call us on: 07971 597 566 now. Alternatively, you can also contact us via e-mail: jasongoodlad@yahoo.com.